GLOBAL Traduzioni: one world, many languages, many translations

In times of global market, it is necessary to know and to be able to speak English, at least. But, what happens if you have documents, requiring translation in Chinese or you have an important business meeting with an Ukraine business partner? Welcome to the website of Global Traduzioni! We are your trusted partner for translations, certified translations, graphic layout, interpretation, language courses for companies.

Our selected translators are all native speakers, whether they are  English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Thai or Arab. Find out in the languages section the services offered by the agency Global Traduzioni of Garda (Brescia).

Our graphics layout division works with programe

The texts that we send to you are ready to be printed: the technical and the graphic solutions are planned from the start, assuring that they can be easily read as well as consistency in case of rare fonts (Arab, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.), check of all the processing stages and high quality. Avoid the problems due to the interventions of more suppliers and save up to 40% on the cost of your publications!

Global Traduzioni offers not only translations of technical, legal, medical, scientific, tourism, artistic-cultural and many other texts, but also sworn and certified translations, interpretation services for business negotiations and conferences, language courses and graphics services. Find out more on our online and offline services of translation, interpretariato, interpretation, layout and language courses.

About us

The agency Global Traduzioni, having its offices in Desenzanodel Garda (Brescia), aims at providing its clients with professional translations at very competitive prices. We work with a team of native speaker and graduate translators and interpreters, who assure a professional translation and interpretation service. We also collaborate with freelancers living in various cities. This allows us to provide for an on-site service according to your needs.

We are bound by professional privilege. This means that your documents will be seen only by the translations and the agency managers. Your confidential documents are in good hands with us.



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